Consulting Services Summary 2020

Software Development & System Admin

  • C, C++, and Objective-C application development (Xcode, Code Warrior, Code Crusader, GNU compilers & debuggers)
  • UNIX and system admin support (Mac OS, OS-X, Solaris, Red Hat Linux, Ubuntu, Fedora)
  • Cross platform GUI development using TCL/TK and Qt
  • Web server installation and configuration (APACHE, JIGSAW, JBOSS, MySQL, Quicktime Video Broadcasting/Streaming)
  • Custom CGI applications (C/C++, Java)
  • Content preparation (location maps, graphics, streaming video, etc)
  • Ethernet, Appletalk, SAMBA, and wireless 802.11 LAN installations
  • ISDN, ADSL, and cable modem internet configurations
  • USB & Firewire peripheral selection and configuration
  • High speed file systems

Virtual Reality Hardware & Software Design

  • Cyberith gaming platform - Funded the project on Kickstarter
  • PrioVR - 19 sensor full-body real-time motion tracking suit (Pro Developer Suit, Kickstarter project)
  • Oculus Rift - Funded on Kickstarter, DK2 headset now but switching to Vive headset
  • Leap Motion Sensor - Combining with various headsets for high dexterity manipulation of 3D objects
  • Unity 3D & Unreal Engine - Investigating capabilities for stand-alone VR hardware.
  • Virtual Worlds of Interest - HighFidelity, Sansar, Opensim, Second Life
  • Parallella - 16-core Epiphany RISC SOC with Zynq SOC (FPGA + dual ARM A9 cores)

Java Development

  • Java application and applet development (Project Builder, Xcode, Eclipse, jGrasp. BlueJ, Dr. Java, Code Warrior, NetBeans, InstallAnywhere)
  • Embedded Java system design using JStamp, TINI, ARM, Zucotto, JStar, Pico-Java II, Imsysy & aJile Java processors
  • Java multimedia applications (Java3D, JOGL, GL4Java, VRML, JINI, & JMF)
  • 3D model conversion to Java3D scenegraphs
  • Custom Quicktime applications written in Java
  • Audio and video conversion to formats suitable for Java applications
  • Conversion of C/C++ applications to Java applications or applets
  • Hybrid Java and TCL/TK applications

Hardware Design & Custom ASIC Development

  • CMOS digital designs implemented using Artisan or customized standard cell libraries
  • Verilog and schematic level logic design
  • Logic synthesis (Synopsys/Ambit/Xilinx flows)
  • Custom net lister development
  • Standard cell development & characterization
  • Full custom VLSI layout
  • Test bench development & ASIC verification services
  • Rapid prototyping using the MOSIS Service
  • Design methodology development and EDA tool integration (Cadence, Synopsys, VERILOG, SPICE, HSPICE)

FPGA, PSOC, and Embedded Design

  • Verilog synthesis using the Xilinx, Altera, and Cypress design tools
  • Virtex, Spartan, and Zynq architectures using Vivado or ISE design tools
  • Beagle Board, Beagle Bone Black, Parallella, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and Mbed platforms

Semiconductor Device Modeling & Process Characterization

  • Device Modeling Methodology (BSIM, EKV, VBIC)
  • Process Control Monitor (PCM) design
  • Custom Labview Drivers for Device Characterization
  • Statistical Analysis & Trend Reporting
  • Model Extraction & Verification Test Chips
  • Design Rule Verification
  • Device Reliability Characterization
  • Independent Simulator Benchmarks

3D Printing & CAD Design

  • 3D printing using a wide range of materials
  • Repetier and Cura software driving a Geeetech Prusa i3 Pro C printer (dual extruder)
  • 3D CAD design using FreeCAD, Blender, AC3D, Maya, Meshlab, & Silo 2
  • Custom designed PCB fixtures & enclosures

Labview Application Development

  • Labview instrument control applications
  • Telecom product characterization applications
  • Conversion of Java, C, and C++ applications to Labview
  • Java/Labview data communication bridges
  • Browser based Labview applications for remote operation

Multimedia Production

  • Digital Video Capture (Adobe Premiere, Strata Video Shop, iMovie, Quicktime, MPEG)
  • Digital Audio Production (Logic Pro X, Reaktor, Reason, Audio Mulch, Riffworks, Gearbox, & GarageBand)
  • Audio Encoding, Compression, and Streaming
  • CD and DVD Production
  • 3D Modeling & Rendering
  • Graphic Design (Photoshop, Gimp, Bryce, Blender)
  • Scanning and image processing

Open Source Mac OS-X EDA Applications

Work in progress includes Macintosh OS-X ports of Electric, Icarus Verilog, vIDE, GNUCAP, and Spice3. These programs will be fully bundled Mac OS-X applications that launch from the desktop! They are back-burner projects that get completed as time permits.

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